A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

All journeys have an end...

A simple story of a Detective, researching into the death of a politician.
Great first case, right?    

Five suspects... seven days...
Bills to pay... seven days...
A family to protect... seven days...

As you delve deeper into this case, you'll be challenged by reality and fantasy.
Is all what it seems?
As you delve deeper, will you find your way out or in?

You'll soon either learn regretting taking up this opportunity or be thankful for it.
As the case isn't the only thing you'll be investigating...

And it's definitely not the thing you'll be taking part in...

Flee. From. Purgatory.

. Original soundtrack
. Alternative endings
. A story-driven game
. Around about 3-4 hours of game play
. Moral based game

Controls can be changed for your experience through Escape > Options > Keyboard configuration 

Additional Notes:
This is my first game so... expect some red flags.
If you compare this to my second game, hopefully you can see the improvements?

Install instructions

Download the files and extract to play.


Flee From Purgatory Windows.zip 525 MB
Flee From Purgatory Mac.zip 656 MB
Flee From Purgatory Linux.zip 566 MB

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Game Review

In a nutshell, this game revolves around you making decisions that test your moral consciousness in the perspective of the family breadwinner, in the game's fictional corrupt dystopian capitalist-based world.

Serious talk, I'd rate this a 4/10 in terms of gameplay experience in it's alpha stages right now, in my experiences, reading the texts in the game can be a bit tiring, the story is a little bit forced, the graphics are mediocre, compared to most other games it isn't very fun to play atm.

This all being said, the story and concept of the game is not bad. "A man struggling to make ends meet gets a job as a detective from a notorious company in a dystopian capitalist world".

I'm acquainted with the maker of this game and having played a bit of it, I can say that while its not exactly fun rn as its in its alpha stages, it is a game full of potential with its unique gameplay experience it provides.